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Selected by the Lürzer’s Archive Magazine

Hello Kutukers! Today we bring you BIG news. Pay attention to this article where we will tell you something that we really wanted to share with all of you related to the 200 BEST books published by Lürzer’s Archive.


The most widely known advertising and design magazine

Lürzer’s Archive started its life in 1984, becoming the most widely known advertising and design magazine in the world. Its editor, Michael Weinzettl, assured that it did not matter if it was the shelves of a large advertising company based on each continent or a small creative boutique, there we could find his magazine.

And it is true. In our studio we have several copies of 200 BESTs that have served as inspiration for projects, as brainstorming consultations or simply to disconnect for a while and marvel at the talent and creativity that are out there.

We even have colleagues in the studio who collect them!

Some examples of covers of previous issues of the magazine.

A complicated year for everyone …

We have no doubt that many of you already know these publications that appear year after year selecting the 200 best advertising photographs, packaging, illustrators and digital artists.

This year, which has been complicated and is being different from everything we have ever experienced, it has been a year in which we have had to adapt, leave our comfort zone and give the best of ourselves to improve ourselves and protect what most valuable, the passion for what we do. There has been more time, paradoxically, to think about our purpose, where we want to be and where we want to go.

And in one of those reflections there was a decision, to participate in the next book of 200 BEST.

A complicated year for everyone …

And why not? At Kutuko we have an incredible team, full of talent and passion for what it does and a professionalized work methodology guided by the best creative direction. We had just created some pieces in our lab: our Superego and our Superfather. Pieces that had a lot of impact on social networks, which appeared in the Covid Museum and of which, above all, we were very proud to have created.

Visual is Wonderful

And this is just a small sample of all the work we do at Kutuko, we want to stand out within all the visual noise that we encounter daily in our lives. We help you make the world see your best version! Get in touch with us if you want to know how we do it. Thanks a lot! #StaySafe

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