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You won’t be surprised if we tell you that quality animations and projects made in motion graphics and 3D, can help boost the content of any brand and greatly increase the impact of their social networks.

As we have already commented in some previous posts, if there is one thing that is a trend in the world of creativity applied to social media, it is video. And specifically, in recent years, motion graphic videos. Why? Because they perfectly integrate the message that the brand wants to transmit with high impact creative elements: shapes, colors, music and moving objects capable of attracting attention and building a visual storytelling the awareness of our contents in an incredible way.

Your 5 great benefits

1. Connect emotionally with your audience.

In recent years, motion graphics videos have proven their ability to improve brand engagement, both in organic posts and in advertisements and promoted content. And this has also contributed to increased brand recognition in social networks such as Oreo or McDonalds.

The movement and dynamism of motion graphics allows us to transmit a contemporary, fun and approachable personality to a multitude of brands that have decided not to remain anchored in the static image.


2. Make it easy. Simplify the understanding of complex ideas.

We live in an extraordinarily complex world in which every day thousands of new apps, digital services and technological products emerge, which brands must make known to their potential customers and, not only that: they must also explain in a simple way to what extent they are going to solve the needs of users and citizens.

This is the area in which explanatory videos in motion graphics (in English explainer videos) become a very powerful audiovisual marketing and sales tool capable of making the dozens of reasons for buying a product or contracting a service understood in less than 1 minute.

3. Harness the power of the video mix.

If one advantage of motion graphics techniques is that they allow us to mix very heterogeneous audiovisual contents by using animations and transitions as “glue” that joins the different contents in a natural way and provides a visual and structural coherence to our storytelling.

Who hasn’t ever had to assemble several sequences in real image, app usage demos and static contents? If it weren’t for the use of coherent and attractive motion graphics it would be impossible. Take advantage of the resources of motion graphics and you will be able to brilliantly solve any project no matter how complex and heterogeneous its contents may be.


4. Get more impact with your content.

Nothing draws the human eye’s attention like graphics and moving images. If not, you can ask Google. According to their data, the probability of a content appearing on the first page of search results is multiplied by 53 when the content includes animations.

Thanks to the creative possibilities of motion graphics, you can turn boring, conventional content into a story that engages the audience, entertains them and makes the messages stay in their memory for much longer.

The advantages of products and data are much more attractive if you do a good job of designing and animating them.


5. Launch your videos where people are.

According to WeAreSocial’s latest 2020 report, social media continues to be the channel people use most to connect with family friends and brands.

It is true that this is a very special context that forces us to know very well the codes and specifications of each social media. But once we know the field, we can deploy all the possibilities of motion graphics to differentiate ourselves from our competitors’ communication by uploading content capable of generating more engagement, explaining in an easy way what we offer, causing more impact on the audience, integrating heterogeneous content and connecting with people where they are now.


Your 5 great benefits

Okay. We have already told you 5 more reasons why you should animate your social media content with a good dose of motiongraphics and quality 3D animations. We continue with 5 interesting examples of different uses that can serve to enhance the presence of brands in the field of Social Media.

Are you following us to discover them?


1. Spectacularly animated logos for your social pieces

Animation is without doubt already part of the identity elements of a brand, with the logo as the visual key. The latest studies highlight that consumers are attracted to simple, striking and dynamic logos 13% more. And motion graphics have a lot to offer in this respect: a fun point, a contagious rhythm, or a sober style that provides a professional finish to the brand image. Each logo requires its own style of animation. Take a look and tell us which one is your favourite.


2. Original video Explainer

At Kutuko, when we talk about explanatory motion graphics videos, we like to think of slightly different formats. There are many standardized solutions that use the same type of colors, characters, text animations, voice-overs and even music.

We believe that you can go further, doing a more craft, artistic and personal work, which distinguishes our videos from the massive or low-cost offer. “A Secret Message” is anything but a classic video-explainer. From the style of illustration, through the transitions and super-emotional voiceovers… this video has us in love.


3. Specific spots for social networks created in motion graphics

Some brands are strongly committed to super-productions for social networks created in motion graphics. It’s a delight to enjoy pieces like this one from McDonalds. When you give the same importance to social media as you do to the mainstream media, such as television or outdoor advertising, then the results can be just as spectacular.

4. Integration at all levels: British Council.

Surely the best thing that a brand can do today, that, wants to differentiate itself, is to generate a different and dynamic storytelling that connects with the audience, as well as applying motions graphics to its social channels with a strategic vision.

It is not a question of encouraging some loose element, or trying little things. The results are much better when the stakes are higher. This is what the British Council has done recently, moving from a more static vision of content in social networks to making animations and dynamism the core of its Social Media strategy! Here you can see the results!

5. Facebook headers in animated video

To conclude, we would like to focus on a specific example of a format that we believe can be further exploited: Facebook headers in video with motion graphics or animated 3D video. Good old Mark Zuckerberg has opened up this melon to new creative possibilities for quite some time now and, as is often the case, some brands and profiles have taken advantage of the possibility better than others. From here we encourage you to “give a spin” to your current headline by having motion designers or professional animation studios to give you a hand. Here we share with you a quite stimulating example.

We hope we have entertained you for a while and that this post has been of interest to you. From here we will continue to share quality content and good news that will help compensate a little bit for what may not be so good.

Keep up the good work and don’t stop taking care of yourself. We are going to continue reading.

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