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Some softwares used for the some film

Did you know that last week was World Animation Day? Maybe if you are passionate about this world you know it, but do you know exactly why this day?

For 17 years now, Animation Day has been celebrated every 28 October to commemorate the first public screening of animated films.
Are you familiar with Charles-Émile Reynaud? He was the precursor of French cinema, and in 1892, after creating the Optical Theatre, a system that made it possible to project animated images on screen, he launched the Pantomimes Lumineses, his first three stories.

As you can imagine, it was a great success, and although years later, with the advent of the cinematograph, the Optical Theatre came to an end, this day is still celebrated in many countries today to pay tribute to the man who, thanks to his ingenuity, changed our leisure time to this day.

And speaking of animation, and to celebrate… would you like to know what software has been used in some great films? We know you do, so …

Here we go!

Autodesk Maya:

The Jungle Book: The hyper-realistic jungle throughout the film was created by more than 800 artists. How long do you think this took? Well, no more and no less than a year and a half.


Harry Potter: Maya was the best ally of the whole saga. From the very beginning, it made it possible to create the modelling, the costumes, as well as the lighting. Is there anyone who hasn’t seen these films to this day?



– Transformers, The Dark Side of the Moon: 3Ds Max was used to create the digital environment, while MAYA was used for the animation, costumes and design.



– Avengers: El diseño y la animación de todos los conceptos gráficos centrales y los gráficos de la pantalla de la película fueron creados en Endgame por medio de Cinema 4D.


– Black Panther: For a year and a half they used Cinema 4D to design, animate, develop and render the technology of the world of Wakanda – Black Panther, as it was far more advanced than other societies in the Marvel Universe.



We are not going to talk about films created with blender, but we want to highlight a short film that was created with this software and that had a very good result.

Can you imagine being able to examine the textures and objects in a short film? Spring, the short film directed by Andy Goralczyk a little over a year ago, allowed you to download all the production files, characters, plants, rocks, textures… And it doesn’t stop there. If you are one of those who like to know the how of everything, this is perfect for you, because you can also see storyboards and creation processes. Isn’t it great?



And finally… let’s move on to Pixar technology!

As you may already know, there are many films that have been created thanks to Renderman, so we have decided to mention some of them:

– If we go back years, we find “Beauty and the Beast”, a Disney classic from 1991.
– Years later, we couldn’t not include in this list the mythical “Matrix” in 1999.
– One for the romantics. And for the not so romantic… Did you know that Pearl Harbor had the help of Renderman for its production?
– And finally, since this weekend was Halloween, we couldn’t miss “Coco”, a film full of colour, lights and visual effects that won’t leave you indifferent. So if you haven’t seen it yet, you already have a plan for these days. I’ll make it easier for you, you can watch it on Netflix.


So that’s it for today’s post, what did you think of this topic and would you like us to look at more film software? As you know, more than one is used to create great films like these, but we wanted to quickly highlight some of them in a separate post.

See you very soon.

See you next week Kutukers!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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