Enhance your creative MotionGraphics work by knowing what will be successful in 2020

As is the case every year, all of us in the creative industries are asking ourselves what’s going to happen next. What’s the trend to watch out for in 2020? What color ranges will be successful? What style of animation will best reach our audiences? What new elements of motion graphics will help us make a difference? As you already know that at Kutuko we like to give you a creative hand, we have brought you this post 5 of the key trends in MotionGraphics and animation that we believe will be essential for a more creative 2020. Let’s start!

Trend 1: Darker designs

Photo by Artur Łuczka at Unsplash
Black is the new black. We will not discover here the zeal of motion graphics designers and art directors for the use of black and dark, elegant environments in both web design and the creation of powerful MotionGraphics and 3d product videos. You already know this. Although we do have to take into account that, even if in 2020 the search for a counterpoint with more powerful and vivid colors continues, we will continue to see that effects such as black limbo with subtle lighting and animations continue to mark the path of many aesthetic proposals, especially those related to premium products.

Trend 2: Gradient goods

Photo of César Couto at Unsplash
It is true that the use in design of gradients or gradients has already been a trend in recent times. But what we have to take into account for this 2020 is that the use of this type of visual treatment in colors and images will enter next year in a more experimental phase. We will be able to see from the simple decomposition of an image into different colors to a smooth transition from one to the other. We will see that there is a greater freedom for the creation of gradients with black, white, red or blue or, why not? Violet. So be prepared because, without a doubt, gradients will once again be one of the key trends in MotionGraphics and design in the first year of the 1920s

Trend 3: Futuristic style

Photo by @timdegroo at Unsplash
In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been in the 21st century for almost 20 years now, and yet we’re still crazy about throwing out futuristic-looking images for designs and animations. Robots, metallic textures, fluorescent colors and even some retrofuristic leaves are going to have an important presence in the different MotionGraphics and animation projects that we are going to see succeed next year. The future has always had characteristic shapes and colors in creative projects, films or designs over time. And, although we are now supposed to be in that future that we imagine in the 20th century, we must continue to reinvent it with new colors and surprising patterns.

Trend 4: Return the serifs to our sources

Photo by Marcus dePaula at Unsplash
Serif or non-serif? one of the great dichotomies of graphic designers and motion graphics artists is the choice of the font to be used for the messages and text elements of your design, animation or 3D video. The truth is that in recent times the serif or serif (that curious adornment usually located at the ends of the lines of the typeface) had been restricted to a fairly specific or residual use. But that seems to be changing and in 2020 we are going to see a proliferation of fonts like Caslon, Garamond, Times text or Plantin in the designs and projects of our favorite MotionGraphics designers.

Trend 5: The definitive explosion of 3D

Foto de Giulia May en Unsplash
And, to conclude, we are going to focus on a trend in design and MotionGraphics that has a lot to do with Kutuko: the increasingly consistent application of 3D and software such as Cinema 4D to creative projects in both graphic and video and animation formats. It is probably the most powerful trend we will see next year, as it can be combined with all the previous trends: dark and elegant colors, use of impossible gradients or the design of futuristic airs… When all these elements are brought to the 3D stage, the results are much richer, more spectacular and more impressive. And that can make the difference in making your creative project a success. Preparing your creative mind for what’s to come? We hope that these 5 trends in MotionGraphics and animation will help you to go deeper into new resources and possibilities for your projects and that you will share your opinion and experiences by responding to this post. Visual will still be Wonderful in 2020! Header photo of bertsz at Unsplash  

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