We are not living an easy time. But from Kutuko’s blog we would like to continue to put an optimistic point on the situation, while continuing to talk about what we like best motion graphics, 3D animation and creativity. 

We know that, sooner rather than later, this corona-virus swill be history and all that we miss so much will come back: the kisses, the hugs and that life on the street that we like so much.

Luckily we professionals in motion graphics and 3D animation can continue to develop our work quite normally, even if it’s only remotely: producing ideas, modelling 3D scenarios, assembling shots and rendering our videos.

Let’s continue enjoying it while we take a look at several motion graphics and animation projects in which a few motion designers show us their talent to give us information about the corona-virus , to raise awareness,, and to encourage us to overcome this time of isolation with a smile.

Here we go, as always!

1. Studio Private bets on CGI

This British motion and post-production studio has created a hypnotic and inspiring piece in which it encourages clients and brands not to stop audiovisual production, thanks to the infinite possibilities of the CGI world.

At a time when filming is going to freeze for a season,3D motion videos can become a great alternative to keep products and ideas alive on our screens.

CGI COVID-19 from Studio Private on Vimeo.

2. Juan Delcan encourages us to break the chain of contagion

Los Angeles-based visual artist Juan Delcan has created one of the most inspiring 3D motion pieces to encourage people to respect isolation these days. This video has gone viral in a short time thanks to its power to convey the importance of social isolation as a tool to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

3: Explaining COVID-19

Comprehensive information is very important to avoid contagion and to raise public awareness. And the 2D animated explanatory videosare a great resource to make complex content such as scientific information understood. This hyper-exhaustive video of more than 8 minutes created byKurzgesagt in record time has already reached more than 16 million visits Youtube and helped millions of people to become aware.

4. Very much on paper

Humour in animation is still one of the best inventions for dealing with complicated situations. This funny 2D clip by Jason McCall reminds us of those days when some of us got a little intense with the hygiene supplies. (Click on the image to access the animation)

5. Protect yourself, protect us all.

This idea is being quite recurrent in many of the contents we can see these days on our screens. In this same sense, the motion designer Revanth R encourages us to protect ourselves with this fluid animation of a colourful character that is presented using one of the safest media during this quarantine: social networks.  

We hope to have entertained you for a while with some cool and interesting pieces. We will continue to work here, even if temporarily from home, so that the world of motion does not stop and we continue to have cool pieces by Kutuko to show you and new content to share with you.

Take care and stay away from the COVID-19. We’ll keep on reading.

Foto de Jan Tinneberg en Unspalsh