If there is one thing that has been catching on in the celebrations and festivals in cities around the world in recent years, it is video mapping. The projection technology has evolved a lot in the last decades and that allows to show all the resources and talents of the best animation professionals projecting them on surfaces much more alive and interesting than a simple canvas or screen.

But if we talk about video mapping and video projection and visual arts festivals, we have to visit Moscow (at least digitally and with this post) and its famous festival Art Vision, where every year the sublimation of video mapping is celebrated with artists and projections of the best video mappers in the world in the most emblematic corners of the city.

What is video mapping and why is it so trendy?

Although you probably already know what we’re talking about, we’ll summarize it for you here because we’re that lively and cool 🙂

Video mapping is the projection of moving images onto real surfaces such as walls, building facades, domes, floors, clothes… in fact any space that offers a different experience of animation, insofar as the lights and animated elements can play with those volumes, surfaces and perspectives.

The creativity of the professionals of video mapping in this type of project is demonstrated by taking advantage of the effects of 3D motion to generate a much more integrated and immersive audiovisual experience

Each surface is like a blank canvas for 3D MotionGraphers, so in these cases, unlike other 3D motion video projects, the first step is to know the surface we are going to project on like the palm of our hands.

If it is a building facade, we must know every relief, perspective or nook and cranny. And if, on the other hand, we are dealing with a complex structure set up for a music or performing arts festival, we must know every technical element in detail to achieve the most powerful effect with our 3D video mapping.

Why is it so fashionable?

The projection of audiovisual pieces has been a fundamental element of public celebrations in cities (such as Christmas) as well as music festivals, events in theme parks, etc.

The battle horse in this type of installation is usually the cost of infrastructure and projection technology which, fortunately, has been reduced in recent years.

If we add to this the proliferation of animation and 3D motion professionals who have discovered in video mapping a new and powerful field of creative expression, we will find the current boom in video mapping and arts festivals and visual projections.

Art Vision 2020 the video mapping festival you can’t miss

Art Vision is a festival of video mapping and VJs held in Moscow, where every year MotionGraphers specializing in video mapping and Vjeing from all over the world compete. The first edition was held in 2012 and had only participants from Russia.

The turning point of this competition came in 2014 with the internationalization of the Festival and the introduction of the 3 categories in which it currently competes: Classic, Modern and Vjeing.

All the pieces competing are screened in the VDNJ Park in Moscow, while the Festival’s jury is made up of prestigious international artists, designers and VJs who have a harder time every year, due to the quality of the projects presented.

But to really understand the dimension of Art Vision, we must also stop to talk about Circle of Light the Festival of which it is a part. It is an annual international event that brings together designers and visual artists from different countries with the aim of reinventing the architecture of the city of Moscow with a new artistic, creative and audiovisual approach.

For a few days it becomes the luminous epicenter of the video planet. Thousands of people from different countries visit Moscow and enjoy, together with the Muscovites, a spectacular vision of the radically new city in which streets, buildings, museums and parks come to life through spectacular video mapping projections using the latest technology in light, flames, lasers and fireworks.

Art Vision 2019 Awards

One of the best ways for you to know the peculiarity and the level of the video mapping pieces presented to Art Vision is to take a look at their 2019 awards; here we collect the first prizes of each category. But on their website you can see the rest of the winners who also have a level.

First Prize, Classical Category: RESORB (Germany)

First Prize Modern Category: SKGMEDIA (China)

First Prize, Vjeing Category: Ari Dykier (Poland)

Video mapping by Kutuko

Why not confess it, one of our greatest illusions in Kutuko, for this year 2020 in which we have just entered is to create a piece of Video Mapping for the next festival Art Vision to be held in September 2020 in Moscow (the final dates are yet to be confirmed, but as soon as we know them we will communicate them to you on our social networks)

2019 was a year in which we noticed that video mapping was on the move with different projects for the world of gastronomy, hotels and retail. We are sure that in this 2020 we are going to create a few of them and we have a great desire to do it with the high doses of quality and creativity that characterize us.

We have been preparing for this for a long time. In fact, our CEO and Creative Director Carlos Cabrera has been creating video mapping pieces for major brands and projects for more than 6 years and at Kutuko we are incorporating talent so that the level of our pieces projected onto surfaces of all kinds is increasingly better.

Heineken – Video Mapping from Kutuko on Vimeo.

Video mapping is visual and it’s wonderful. That’s why this is going to be the year of our take-off.