You are right. Surely one of the best breeding grounds that you can find today to give free rein to your ideas and creative production is a coworking.

nd we do not say it, because in Kutuko we have created w8rk, our own coworking in motion (that too) but because those of us who work here have been in a few and we have seen in the first person its positive effects in our creative work.

We have been involved in the coworker movement for a few years thanks to the great dissemination work done by Coworking Spain and the Coworking Spain Conference #CWSC , and it seems that this time, yes, the coworking world is reaching another dimension in these parts.

Today coworkings arise in every corner, and there are very different types that are cool. But if we concentrate on what they bring to those of us who work with ideas and creativity, for us, coworking is of vital importance in our work. A value that has to do with the people we can have around us in these types of spaces.

Inspiration and motivation: the key to a creative coworking

But let’s talk about the creative process, that magical journey that runs through an idea since it arises until we manage to make it tangible and, most difficult of all, to sell it.

The creative process has very different phases and moments, which are also different in each person. But in any case, we can divide this process into two major phases: conceptualization and creative execution. 

The good thing about coworking like w8rk or like a bunch of coworkings that you can find in Madrid and other cities very close to you, is that you will enjoy the time and stimuli you need for each of these stages.

Because it is very difficult for you to be inspired if you are not motivated.

An important part of creative work is based on channeling your talent towards a specific professional project, taking time away from other creative tasks without commercial objectives: playing the guitar, writing a poem, building a wooden toy … all this is also applying your creativity.

But for our work, in a way, you have to steal time from your creative vocation and focus a small share of your talent, putting it at the service of a client and his project.

et’s not fool ourselves. You do not always want to do certain creative works. But we believe that part of the secret of some great creatives and agencies such as David Droga, Mónica Moro, TAVO, Miguel García Vizcaíno or Serial Cut is keeping the flame of creativity alive and intact to continue searching passionately for creative excellence in each idea, in each plane, in each texture.

We can each find inspiration in very different places, but surely having the right people around you can help you with the motivation and inspiration that fuels creativity. 

It is possible that you need a few hours of great concentration and immersion for a project and in which you want to be alone, a tranquility that in W8rk you will also be able to find. But you will also have the opportunity to work alongside people who can give you a lot. Take a coffee with a 3D designer who tells you where to find inspiration, meet in the corridors with a creative director who opens your eyes or ask for help from a coworker translator with a question for an email to a foreign client. All that happens in a coworking.

A little above what we are each, a strange being called COMMUNITY is formed. That makes us all very big. We love that bond that makes you feel that you have around people willing to lend a hand and how much it helps you face the loneliest part of the job.

If you like creativity in general and 3D motion videos in particular, come one day to Kutuko and w8rk and you stay the same.

See you around here.

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