Many artists and studios decide to share some of their resources or works created by them with the community, to help those who are starting and do not yet have their own library created. We, from KUTUKO in this post collect some resources that we found interesting, and that their authors share for use in personal and commercial projects.

HDRI by Philip Modin

HDR Vault is an open project by Philip Modin that started in 2016..

HDR spherical maps are normally used in 3D programs, to create reflections and digital illuminations. Being real images, if they are used to integrate objects in a scene, they will give us a perfect and technically correct lighting.

AAlthough Philip shares this content for free, you can go to his Patreon or Gumroad, support him financially so he can continue and expand the project.

3D scans by MEGASCANS

The Megascans project, from the same Quixel developers, s a library of scanned models and textures of the real world, detailed as possible.

Hyper realistic objects are used by large companies such as ILM, MPC, Naughty Dog and Rockstar Games. In this case we have the possibility to download 11 free 3D scans from the library of physical scans of real-world materials and 3D objects.

All materials are physically correct and come with fully “tileable” texture maps, provided in resolutions of up to 8,192 x 8,192 pixels in JPG or EXR format.

Explosions by PREMIUMBEAT

Download 15 effects of explosions and 25 explosive sound effects, for free, so you can use them in your next projects.

These sound effects and video elements created by Premiumbeat, work in almost all software’s, including Premiere Pro, FCPX, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve and more.

Check out their page to find more free resources.

Daily projects by The French Monkey

”Everydays” is an open source project, dedicated to Cinema4D users. Counting now more than 580+ free project files. TFM provides all project files so you can see, learn and be inspired in your day to day work.

All the files that you will find when you download it, can be used even commercially. You can download individually, the project that interests you, or download the monthly packs that are already prepared.

If these projects / textures / ideas seem interesting to you, you can help TFM through his Patreon, donating from 1 $ monthly, to support him and help him continue with this great open source project.

The header image of this post is from Everyday [14-11-17] – DISC

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