If there is something we like in Kutuko is to produce impressive, interesting projects and make them memorable, so when we have the opportunity to see them in a big way, the illusion is multiplied by 10.

Kutuko in style

If you have recently passed by La Gran Vía in Madrid you may have seen some of the latest projects we have done, although if you follow us on social media you probably already know what we are talking about. Even so, in case you still don’t know what we’re talking about, here we leave you with a small summary of the pieces that have been launched in the center of the capital in the last year.


Decimas, in collaboration with Adidas, one of our latest works. We started working at the beginning of July. First we created 3 powerful stills that were used to dress some shop windows in different cities. Finally, we finished with the production of a 20 seconds long creative video that you can find nowadays in their store in La Gran Vía in Madrid.

Samsung Galaxy Z FLIP4

Samsung, the second project that you will be able to see if you look up when you pass by Callao. This piece, produced in large format, was made in collaboration with the agency Cheil for the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 model.

Ontinet, Eset

Surely more than one of you have stopped at some point in front of the big screen of the Callao cinema to watch one of the videos shown there. So, it is likely that without knowing it, you have seen one of our projects. This time it is Ontinet. A very short but powerful project, about 10 seconds long, that we did to promote ESET last Christmas.

Matrix, Hamilton

The following project was not broadcast in the centre of Madrid as we had told you, but it was broadcast in the centre of Japan, and as we were very excited to have it published in a big and international way, it could not be missing in this blog. On the occasion of the premiere of Matrix 4 Resurrections, Hamilton, in collaboration with Warner Bros, we produced a high-impact video for one of their products, the PSR MATRIX watch based on the well-known saga.

Did you get to see any of these projects in person? These are some of the latest productions we have had the opportunity to produce this past year. We have some news to tell you about, including the new reel 2023, so follow us on our social networks so you don’t miss anything.

See you soon Kutuker!