It’s been a long time since we’ve been here, and we’ve been thinking, What better way to do it than to tell you that we are now celebrating Kutuko’s Friday in the studio.

If you follow us on social media you will already know what we are talking about.

It is very important to us that each and every one of the kutukers who are part of this creative family feel that they are part of it. It is therefore vital that they have moments of relaxation to compensate for those moments when we are too high up, moments of leisure, so that they can interact with each other outside the work teams, and moments of training and research, so that they can grow as professionals more and more.

That is why we decided almost a year ago that we would not work two Friday afternoons a month. We do not work directly on the projects but within the studio. We work for ourselves. We are dedicated to promoting other areas that are necessary and essential for the healthy development of the studio’s human talent: training, creative muscle and teamwork.

The operation consists of carrying out different activities that involve the whole studio, because if there is something primordial for us, it is the culture that we have developed little by little and that makes Kutuko maintain its own essence.

On some occasions we have reserved an entire cinema room for ourselves, where we have screened our films to watch them on the big screen, as they deserve. A dynamic that they loved. But we have also gone to exhibitions, we have held creative photography competitions in limited time, we have celebrated Halloween with team building activities and we have received in the studio professionals of the sector such as Yas Vicente or Santiago Cosme.

Today we want to show you how the last creative jam we did was and that everyone wants us to repeat it.



Project STEAMBOX TEKA original


Project LUMAE SKIN original



With this dynamic we wanted to go further and take them out of their comfort zone. However, with a fundamental aspect that is always present in the entire studio’s work: creativity.

To do this, we made random teams. Without knowing what it was for, they had to think of a project that had been done in the studio and that they liked.

We handed out plasticine blocks to all the groups, cardboard, and we gave them a challenge: re-create the video that they themselves had produced, among those that the members of their group had thought of, but this time in a totally different way, without computers, just modelling with plasticine.

There were clear objectives that were carried out:

  • Work in teams.
  • Work on creativity and improvisation.
  • Work in limited time, two hours.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone.


And key guidelines to be followed:

  • To achieve as much realism as possible.
  • To achieve the closest resemblance to the final video presented to the client.
  • The video should have coherence, that is, it should have a beginning and an end.
  • Create a good set up.
  • Work with good lighting.


We thought it would be more difficult for them, but judging by the results, it seems that it was not so difficult.












As you can see, the result clearly reflects the enthusiasm and dedication that the whole team put into this dynamic. His approach to the challenge, despite the very limited time available, was impeccable. The main focus of action for all members and teams from the outset was to organize themselves quickly by plans, phases and tasks to meet the objectives of each piece.

It is a marvel to observe how, through reflection, a professional team, with energy and enthusiasm, faces and completes the challenges they set themselves. This is Kutuko.


At the end of the dynamic we chose a winner, and although the voting was close, the number one project was “Steakmaster Creativo“.

And for you, what is your winning project?

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See you next time kutukers!