Hello Kutukers! It’s been a while since we brought you the latest Freebies. As you know, many artists and studios decide to share some of their resources or works created by them with the community to help those who are starting and do not yet have their own library created. We, from KUTUKO, in this post collect some resources that we found interesting, and that their authors share for use in personal and commercial projects.

HDRI by HDRI Haven

HDRI Haven is the perfect place to download quality HDRI licensed CC0.

HDR spherical maps are normally used in 3D programs, to create reflections and digital illuminations. Being real images, if they are used to integrate objects in a scene, they will give us a perfect and technically correct lighting.

Greg Zaal explains in his blog the why behind offering all his content for free, although you can go to his Patreon, and support him financially so that he can continue with the project and it can continue to be free for all.

3D Scans by Three D Scans

Created in 2012 by Oliver Laric, Three D Scans collects some of the pieces from famous collections of museums in Vienna, Paris or Norway, among others.

More than 100 pieces were scanned digitally, that we can download directly in common formats for the most used 3D software, which also give us information about the period in which they were created and their real measurements.

In addition, within each piece we can see examples of how other artists have used these pieces, as an inspiration. In the info on your website, you have more information about the project and a button in case you want to donate.

Hair presets for Cinema4D by TFMonkey

This collection of hairs from The French Monkey is made to give another meaning to the casual use of hairs. Easy to set up and use, this “combing” method generates mesh along the guides, maintaining all the advantages of normal hair, such as length, physics, dynamics, hair texture and so on.

The pack includes 30 hair presets, 6 models with SSS and a scene file with the ready configuration of light and hair.

TFMonkey has many more resources on their page for free, you can support him on his Patreon.

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