In Kutuko we have decided to capture our day to day in a 2D Animation Video, using design, illustration and motion graphics techniques to produce a piece developed entirely in our studio and thus present a new range of products for the videos of our customers. Innovate, keep growing and renew ourselves are fundamental concepts that inspire us every day in the studio. Our specialized 3D team is now expanding in search of new horizons in 2D design and animation. The result of this work is a clear example of what we are passionate about, putting creativity in the foreground to communicate our ideas at the highest level and generate the impact that today’s market demands. In our instagram you can see more projects made entirely in Kutuko under our methodology focused on creativity.





“A creative challenge, an adventure, a coffee, an idea, a narrative line or several, a striking image, a movement, a day in Kutuko”. With dynamism, impact and a first class finish, we want to present you our last internal work in 2D.


Weaves, attractive colors and global concepts in geometric designs and modern lines.


In order to encourage creativity in our studio we have set this challenge to our animation and 2D design team, opening a new universe of possibilities for our clients. Explanatory videos, commercials, brand image, the limit is creativity. This is Kutuko.