Once again, Teka has trusted Kutuko to create a 3D product video to promote the launch of its new home appliance. It is an all-terrain coffee maker that allows you to prepare your favourite coffee in different ways.

The objective was clear, to produce a piece for coffee lovers that would evoke its aroma and flavour. It had to show all the possibilities of the product while at the same time awakening the desire to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

Finally, the piece reflected the brand’s style, but from a different approach. A video with strength and dynamism that summarised in 50 seconds everything that the new exclusive TEKA coffee machine offers you.

In Kutuko we love to create amazing videos about different products. Each new project is a new challenge for us. You can see other impressive creations on our instagram.





“The challenge of the project has been to give it a touch of freshness and dynamism while maintaining elegance.”

Marta Trigueros – Project Manager


One of the key objectives was to evoke the explosion of flavors and the smell of coffee that you can get from home thanks to the new Teka coffee maker.

Seeking maximum dynamism, we play with music and color in order to achieve different planes. For this reason, we have shown the different options offered by the new TEKA coffee maker to prepare coffee in the same way that we have played with the wide variety of capsules compatible with it.

Final Video