For the launch of the new Adidas sports fashion collection, Decimas contacted us to create some pieces to be included in the campaign. The objective was clear: to create a certain reminiscence of the metaverse. To do this, we had to make a 3D audiovisual production that played with the Big&Small concept while at the same time escaping from the hyperrealism that we are used to building in the vast majority of works. In addition, to complement the campaign, we designed and produced 3 images for printing that were used to dress up some shop windows and help to show these new sports products in style. An incredible challenge that once again brought out the creative monster within our great team of professionals at Kutuko.





Final Stills

For print media

“The biggest challenge of this project was to integrate the work process of different software in a seamless way, in order to reach the level of detail we wanted without losing efficiency”.

Rodrigo  Marchan (Lead 3D Artist) and Gerard Jauregui (3D Artist))

Final Video

Broadcast media

The campaign was also used to dress the Decimas website, its social networks such as Youtube and Instagram as well as projecting the piece in its flagship shop on Gran Vía in Madrid.

Team Credits

Client: DECIMAS in collaboration with ADIDAS

Project Manager: Álvaro Ibáñez
Creative Director:
Carlos Cabrera, Maite Martínez, Rodrigo Marchán
Lead 3D Artist:
Rodrigo Marchán
3D Artist:
Maite Martínez, Rodrigo Marchán, Adrián Sánchez, Gerard Jauregui

SFX & Marvelous Designer:
Rodrigo Marchán

3D Modeling:
Daniel Jiménez