Hamilton, continuing with the classic PSR model and after releasing the special edition and launch for the Matrix 4 movie, wanted to embroider the famous product with an ad hoc piece for its RED edition. This time the creativity and objective of the project were very different, except for continuing to collaborate with Kutuko, specialists in 3D and motion graphics for its development and production. If after seeing this success story you would like more information about how we work and produce 3D videos in the studio, I invite you to visit the 3D product video, where you can find phases, details and workflow.





Creative idea

The concept, creative idea and storytelling for this piece was very clear, the product was born from nature. The limitless strength and energy of our environment that generates life. The representation of this inexhaustible source of energy derived in a volcanic landscape, somewhat aggressive, from which and driven from the very core of the earth is born, sees its first light, appears on earth, the classic PSR RED watch model. From that moment on, natural phenomena are unleashed that are capable of forming and completing the strap and other parts of the product that have been forming and developing inside the volcano. The culmination of the formation is completed with a cosmic pulsar or detonation that empowers the product, thus signing its birth.


Final Video

Team Credits


Project Manager:
Álvaro Ibáñez

Creatives Directors:
Carlos Cabrera
Lead 3D Artist:
Ibón Vergara, Luís Marín, Carlos Cabrera

3D Artist:
Rodrigo Marchán, Diego Gastelut

2D Artist:
Victor Angulo

3D Modeling:
Daniel Jiménez


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