RTVE has once again placed its trust in Kutuko to develop and produce a 20″ promo and a 10″ teaser for La2 Noticias. They were looking for an original idea that would position la2N as a Glocal, Young and Modern newscast.





Vídeo 20″

For the conception of this piece, in the visual part, we were inspired by the photographs taken by Samuel Monnier and Andreas Gursky. We wanted to establish communication with the viewer, images that converge and that create a global vision that explains the world: a place of beauty and disaster. And in a world where everything is connected, where nothing is alien anymore, our responsibility and our demand is to be well informed. It is knowing everything that matters. It is to feel again. In short, to assume what is happening in the world as part of us, to humanize news and events and not to remain a mere collection of numbers, statistics and a sense of distance.

Music and voiceover is the vital “other leg” of the piece. We seek to surprise the viewer, attract their attention and echo their need to be informed. Position it as a protagonist element. Because we can change things, with everything we do today we shape history.




The reality is much more complex and changing than it was.

The present day that we live today is made up of millions of superimposed bits of information. Billions of pixels that intermingle and demand a different way of telling the news:

  • With a Glocal approach that connects diverse realities
  • A transversal perspective that allows the analysis of the different connections
  • And a communication code capable of transmitting the complexity of events, people and places that coexist in a dizzying reality.

Today the proposal of La 2 Noticias is more necessary than ever.

Because today

Local is Global
The Old is New.
Internet is TV

Everything is connected.

Speech 20″

There is nothing as important as being aware of our environment, what we build, what we destroy. We cannot remain on the sidelines.

What happens right now is the story of tomorrow.

Everything is connected.
La2 Noticias.

Speech 10″

There is nothing as important as being aware of our environment.

What happens right now is the story of tomorrow.

Everything is connected.
La 2 noticias.

Formal elements

The creative proposal revolves around 3 formal elements:


No event in our immediate environment can be understood outside of a global context. To transmit this local-global interconnection, we will take as a narrative platform the resource of the “mirror” in which each visual multiplies and distorts, forming a differential and powerful aesthetic to the rhythm of dizzying music.


Today is not flat. In 2019 it is more kaleidoscopic than ever. To have a solid and critical point of view on the news we must take distance and perspective. The 2 has been characterized throughout its history by a different, original and contemporary vision of the present time that in the times of the Internet and Social Networks must necessarily be TRANSVERSAL.


Las noticias nacen y se transmiten de forma natural a través de múltiples medios en un proceso que crece geométricamente y se retroalimenta gracias a la participación de los espectadores-usuarios. La 2 Noticias como plataforma “transgeneracional” conecta con todos los públicos convirtiendo la complejidad de la actualidad en información-visual-emocionante.