Once again, ABANTERA has trusted Kutuko to carry out the production of a hyper-realistic 3D Product Video for a different range of products. On this occasion, we had to represent in a clear and creative way how their ozone machines look like.
In the studio, we love to create impactful, different videos that exceed all expectations. No matter what type of product it is, we dedicate powerful creative and brainstorming sessions so that each project gets a unique result. In our instagram you can see more projects made entirely in Kutuko under our methodology focused on creativity.






“Feeling always in a state of Zen is easy with Ozone. We can be carefree as it will take care of us almost unnoticed, making our homes safe, clean and cosy”.

To convey this message to the consumer, we wanted the music to be aligned with the Zen/healthy environment.


By using light colours and dim lighting we wanted to convey a sense of peace, tranquillity and cleanliness.


Through this video we wanted the product to be a part of the home, and to do so, we have tried to enhance its design to make it a desirable object.