ABANTERA has entrusted Kutuko Studio to carry out the production of several of its star products. We have made 3D Videos that express the qualities of the product, without giving up careful, elegant and spectacular aesthetics that transform them into objects of desire.

This time, it is a suitcase set, but soon you will be able to see more incredible videos in which we transfer our Visual is Wonderful to ABANTERA products.

At Kutuko, our passion is to create powerful videos that cause a great impact, whether it is pure 3D or filmed in our studio, we seek a spectacular result in each project, taking care of every detail.







We have tested the cases to demonstrate the resistance of their materials.

We carry suitcases to environments with extreme temperatures. They are resistant to water, heat and humidity.

Undoubtedly, the rest of this project has been to combine a minimalist aesthetic with spectacular plans that show important characteristics of the product such as the great durability of its materials, its resistance to pressure or extreme temperatures or the ability to rotate in 360º of its wheels.