A hospital is an epicenter of emotions. Beyond operating rooms and white coats, medical professionals have a personal life full of conflicts, on which the plot of Hospital Valle Norte revolves.

RTVE has relied on Kutuko for the conceptualization and production of 3 bumpers created in 3D motion. The impact of “Operating Room”, “Room” and “Ambulance” is based on the rupture of the aseptic hospital scenarios with radically human objects: a ring, a rose or a teddy bear that makes the balance of the scene jump through the air and transmits the personal drama of the series.







Concept / Synopsis

“Life in pieces” that drinks directly from the narrative scheme “slices of life” so used in advertising and in some series.

Emotions are on the surface and we have all lived moments in a hospital where time seems to stop and then burst with relief or regret. And just as a doctor does not stop being a doctor when his turn ends, personal life can not be separated from the professional. They are full-time doctors, but they are also human, with all that implies. We want to influence and deepen that tension.

Formal structure of the pieces

Electrocardiogram beep sound that accelerates its speed while increasing tension and expectation in the viewer. The beep is fixed and at that moment there is a burst that dislodges all the objects in the scene.

Among all the objects suspended in the air is a discordant element that conveys to us that what is really important in the plot is not the hospitable world, but the crossed lives, the vital moments and the emotions of the characters that intersect in each episode and in each episode. the main plot of the series.

We will identify 3 emotions, with 3 key spaces (present in the series that we believe will hook the audience) and 3 objects:



There is a sudden turn during the journey of the ambulance and we see from the inside how the objects become disoriented, highlighting a discordant element: a TEDDY BEAR that takes us to the most personal, familiar and emotional sphere, maintaining the dramatic tension.


The operating room is a line that separates life from death. In this scenario we will see all the usual elements of an operating room suspended next to a discordant element: a RING / SORTIJA that refers to Paula and all the interrelationships that occur between the rest of the characters.


The hospital room is the place where the recovery takes place and the signs of affection from loved ones or, why not, passionate moments such as those that occur in the series.
Among the elements, the discordant element emerges: a colorful FLOW that represents personal and work passion. A passion that Paula and other characters will live in first person inside and outside the walls of the hospital.


The 3 pieces will be divided into two parts, defined by the change in the beep of the electrocardiogram.

The elements levitate in chaos to convey that explosion of drama, impasse and passion.

First part:

We want to represent those neutral, aseptic spaces that remain empty when you remove the people inside. That’s why we use an image without treatment, natural and neutral. As a common photo.

Second part:

Time stops and we capture the emotion, a strong explosion that represents the drastic change that these spaces undergo.
A more theatrical and imposted lighting that takes us to that world of emotions that we want to capture.