Your idea our canvas

A new reel with our best productions, inspired by you, our clients.

Your briefs, your insights, your brands, your products, your creativity, your objective, your ideas, our canvas.

This year we have pushed our creativity to the limit and nothing would have been possible without you. Another year full of unforgettable productions, amazing ideas and spectacular results. From Kutuko with this video we say: Thank you.

New Reel 2021

KUTUKO REEL 2021 from Kutuko on Vimeo.


Another year full of new projects with Teka. 2021 began in style, opening new doors and entering fully into the world of filming. Although we had already done some other project of this type for some of their appliances, in recent months we have gone further and video production has not only focused on the creation of hyper-realistic pieces, but has joined the shooting to give rise to incredible videos.


Hand in hand with Bitlife, we have given life to one of the most beautiful and fun projects: Sury. This project stands out not only for the quality of the work, but also for the challenge of facing a project of these dimensions with our new 2D production area. Hand in hand with our talented graphic design duo and the excellent motion graphics treatment, we are happy to renew our relationship with Bitlife and we can confirm that… We will have a new season of Sury!


Innovation, good taste and first class products. Abantera has been the revelation of the year in our studio, the challenging and detailed video product projects have brought out the best in our team, see for yourself here!


The young company located in Barcelona dedicated to the complete design of desktop products and organization of workstations, this year 2021, has relied on the visual quality and inspiring experience that we develop in Kutuko to create a short video that elevates the viewer experience to its maximum exponent on its flagship product. The client in addition to communicate in their social media through the video their new launch has also used all the developed art, 3D environments and storytelling of the project to dress their entire website and that the whole offers a striking visual coherence.


As part of Cyber Week 2021, Mercedes has presented its range of A-Class vehicles. Betting on impactful and high quality content, inspired by its logo in Kutuko we worked in detail every frame.

An exciting and colorful project that we have developed in record time using the best 3D modeling and animation techniques.

Zee Dog

We accompanied Zee Dog, a leading company in building and designing products that connect humans with their dogs, on their new Air Leash launch with a result of +10k views on Instagram global account of the full video and +15k views on the teaser created 15 days earlier to give the audience a sneak peek.

Still with incredible projects in the remainder of 2021… We are warning you… We are going for you 2022!

Visual is wonderful.