We create emotions

Advertising spots

Corporate video

Advanced Motion Graphics

Reel Vídeo Brand

At Kutuko we are experts in corporate and product video. We reach where conventional video can’t.

We like to make corporate videos to move the world of our customers, their products and brands, and propose a scenario which expresses themselves in a forceful way.

We always work with ideas that allow us to create new, better things or even ones that didn’t exist.

We take your product or your company to new scenarios. We make your audience visualize your product, or your company, in a comprehensible, didactic and spectacular way. We transmit the values of your company without even having to name them

We are experts in video and motion graphics.

We focus on art direction so that the message generates a real impact.

Our work process focuses on understanding what elements of communication we should promote and address . For us it is necessary that the piece we design generates the emotions and reactions we are looking for.


We develop audiovisual products that allow our clients to differentiate themselves, be remembered and generate a key impact on their audience while transmitting values. We do it by adding creativity, novelty and impact.


We understand the visual and the motion graphics as a spectacular exercise, where we offer emotions and a vehicle of expression for the companies we work with.


We focus on the content. Our goal is to amaze and achieve a strong emotional response. We know that our projects arrive where conventional media can’t reach.

We create the impossible.

Unlike traditional video, our techniques allow us to create the impossible, what don’t yet exist or what exists but must be shown in a surprising or emotional way.

Advertising spot

We make advertising communication using motions graphics, 3D and mixed media.

Product video

We model, texturize and bring the product to life by showing it from a more powerful and genuine point of view.

Explanatory video

We make an infographic have life. And explain for itself.

Corporate video

We work for final clients for whom we develop videos of internal, formative and didactic communication.

Video brand and visual identity for companies and channels.

We bring a product or a company to the place that they want, in cinematographic quality. At Kutuko we develop the styling and identity of companies and TV channels to offer movement and expression to the brand, its content and its style.

Visual is wonderful.

We create what doesn’t exist