We create audiovisual experiences

Video mapping

Visuals Design

3D / VR animations

Reel Visual Design

We create visual illusions that allow us to transform any surface into a surprising communication.

Lighting, geometries, fluids, 3D animations ... through video mapping we project or display animations on physical surfaces that become a tangible and interactive reality with the public.

Our projects unify art, technology and society.

For us, the essence of mapping is: generating surprising relationship between an audience, a brand and its message, through visual techniques that excite and connect.

Through video mapping we project or display an animation or images on real surfaces, normally inanimate, to achieve an artistic and unordinary effect based on the movements that animation creates on that surface.

The most common mapping is the one we see on monumental buildings accompanied by sounds to make a greater spectacle. In this way an interaction with the public is achieved, and a relationship between art, technology and society is created. These are fundamental characteristics in contemporary art.

3D mapping is a new video technique that allows to create a powerful illusion that makes the non-existent objects real, transforming almost any surface into a living environment.

The mixture of creativity with the latest multimedia technologies give us the possibility to transmit a message that transcends many viewers.

For Kutuko, this type of project allows us to design innovative communications, enhance our creativity and help our clients to communicate with their public, generating bonding and affection for the brand.

We mix the real and the unreal.

We work with event companies, agencies and DJs to generate new visual experiences, communication and interaction with the public.

Visual design


Video mapping


Creative process
  • Creative direction
  • Aesthetic design and corporate identity.
  • Creation of scripts, storyboards and models.
  • 3D modeling and mapping of buildings and structures.
  • Production of animations, videos and visual effects.
  • Post production of material for advanced video projection.
  • Development, Software and preparation of projection platform.
  • Generation of sound design and music.
  • Provisional projections and adjustment of details.

Visual is wonderful.

We create what doesn’t exist