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Abantera Mattresses

Abantera, with his new range of mattresses for hotels, hospitals, and individuals, has once again entrusted Kutuko with the creation of their visual campaign

Teka Steakmaster

Teka has entrusted Kutuko to create spectacular 3D product videos. We are excited to showcase a series of visual experiences that we have loved

Teka Tegranite

Teka has trusted Kutuko to create spectacular 3D Product Videos. This video showcases the Tegranite sink as the main feature, and we wanted to


This is a project in which we have worked with a lot of passion and a desire to create something spectacular, iconic and very


VESQ is a company specialized in desk accessories and organizers to improve your workspace. They take a sustainable approach to production by working with

Bioo Lux

Bioo Lux is an exquisitely designed lamp with a switch that defies convention yet is inspired by nature – a biological switch. This high-end

Hamilton PSR Matrix

On the occasion of the release of Matrix 4 Resurrections, Hamilton and Kutuko agreed to produce a high-impact video for one of its products.

Hamilton PSR Red

Hamilton, following the classic PSR model and after releasing a special edition for the movie Matrix 4, wanted to embellish the famous product with

Dash & Stars

TENDAM, one of the main European companies in the fashion industry, contacted us for the creation of 6 creative loops to incorporate into the

BAC Credomatic

BAC, a financial institution, has launched the world’s first fully compostable bank card, setting a new standard for sustainability in the industry. To promote
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