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Pet Project Initiative

With the aim of enhancing talent, team skills, staying connected with innovation and creativity, we decided to find a way to boost all of this. This is how the Pet Projects were born, a commitment and investment from the studio that gives our artists working hours to develop creative exploration projects, pieces created by each of our kutukers to promote their professional development, while at the same time fostering the company culture and team values.

"Fill the art, not the cart" by Daniel Pomares

Dani aka "Pomi" is one of the art directors in our studio. His ambition to express art in a transgressive way has led him to create a piece with a disruptive
and sarcastic tone within a minimalist aesthetic. In order to convey the message "Fill the art, not the cart" he reflects on the current commodification
and exorbitant revaluation of products through art.

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"Waves of Motion" by Ibón Vergara

Ibón plays a pivotal role within our team—an individual of versatile skills and impeccable standards, perpetually striving for perfection in every project he engages in.
His profound self-demand in the workplace has culminated in his pet project: 'Waves Of Motion,' a small yet remarkable masterpiece that showcases his in-depth exploration
of fluid simulation, rendering, and animation using the intricate software, Houdini.

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"Elevate your creativity" by Gerard Jáuregui

Gerard is one of our most talented art directors. He decided to focus his Pet Project on the vision of showcasing the versatility that 3D offers us to be able to travel
to any type of space with just a "pair" of clicks. He mixed all of this with the idea of giving visibility to the new brand image and website of the studio.

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"Vintage Culture" by Tatyana Ortega

Tatyana Ortega, senior art director at the studio, has been immersed in the exploration of digital clothing design. Using the specialized software Marvelous Designer, she has crafted patterns,
simulated fabrics, and experimented with different colors and textures. Taking inspiration from the retro-vintage aesthetic combined with a futuristic vision.

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"Primordial Abyss" by Rodrigo Marchán

Rodrigo is our exceptionally skilled composer, audio editor, and a wizard at fabric simulation. He's also a virtuoso in both 2D and 3D design. Among our team
members, he stands out as one of the most talented individuals who has breathed life into this captivating and groundbreaking little monster that sends shivers
down your spine.

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"Techno-Forge" by Adrián Sánchez

Adrián is our visual effects virtuoso. His passion for mograph never fails to leave us in a state of jaw-dropping astonishment each time he showcases
his Cinema wizardry in the studio. In his pet project, 'Techno-Forge,' he artfully brings to life the genesis of a helmet embellished with breathtaking visual marvels.

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"Floral Grow" by Alicia Moreno

Alicia Moreno has been working with us last year as a Junior Art Director. In her Pet project, she wanted to reflect her taste for elegant and delicate aesthetics and art direction.
Taking care of every detail, she has modeled, textured, and animated a floral growth with the aim of achieving a piece aligned with contemporary aesthetics.

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"Coraline Cove" by Luis Marín

Luis, one of our art directors, has been an integral part of our team for over three years. His keen interest in cutting-edge technologies has led him to explore innovation in his personal project, seamlessly merging 3D elements with AI-generated environments. In this captivating venture, he invites you to immerse yourself in Coraline: a subaquatic city with uniquely distinctive aesthetics.
Would you like to embark on this intriguing journey?

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"The birth of a thought" by Juliana Cervantes

Juliana is our magical touch in the 2D department, and she truly impressed us all with this elegant and dynamic piece. Within her artwork, she seamlessly
guides us through every stage of bringing an idea from the studio to life, perfectly reflecting the creative process.

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"Dyno Rigging" by Daniel Jiménez

Daniel excels in the art of modeling, UV mapping, and texturing. His tenure of nearly four years with our team has been marked by his indispensable contributions to almost every studio project.
While modeling may at times be overlooked in comparison to other tasks, its significance cannot be overstated; it is the linchpin for ensuring the success and top-notch quality of our projects.

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