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Image of Kutuko Studio. 10 Powerful MotionGraphics studios in Madrid. The definitive list.

10 Powerful Motion Graphics studios in Madrid. The definitive list.

Are you looking for a Motion Graphics studio in Madrid to create a 3D video or storytelling for your brand? Stop looking. We’ve created a list of some of the best motion graphics studios in the capital so you can find the perfect team for your animation or post-production project.

In this post we include the Motion Graphics studios and companies in Madrid that were the most successful in 2019. 10 creative references with a stimulating dose of inspiration, also if you are thinking of training and working in MotionGraphics in Madrid. Let’s be clear, it’s a list, not a ranking. We don’t intend to judge each study’s place in a hypothetical ranking. Of course, we left out people who are very pro CGI, animation and motiongraphics that work from Madrid, but that’s what this post is for. So you can give your opinion and tell us what other studios or people you think are up there. We are happy to expand the list, because in Kutuko we only think about #VisualisWonderful. Take note, we have started…


@Serialcut has just turned 20 and has launched a book that is a real treat and that has already been the fruit of admiration and debate in Kutuko. It is one of the reference studios in Madrid and throughout the country and has made an interesting name for itself internationally. They are not designers or typographers or artists. At least, they define themselves as follows: they are simply creators of images since 1999. Since then, they have been working for brands and agencies in different countries with a very pro team that directs or produces projects of very different typologies.

10 Powerful MotionGraphics studios in Madrid. Image of Serial Cut.


@tavo_studio has a recognized trajectory in the 3d Motion Graphics scene in Madrid. It is a studio led by Tavo Ponce, creative director who brings the name and soul to the project. As they tell us on their site, they consider the concept and the story to be the most important part of the project. They take care of every detail, inch and second of the audiovisual pieces in which they work with a dynamic team, adapted to the needs of each project, working for global brands in half the world.


10 Powerful MotionGraphics studios in Madrid. Image of Tavo.


@binaloguestudio was born out of a conversation about Bowie and electronic music in Sydney back in 2000 between designers David Carrizales and Marcus Stenbeck. Years later, in 2008, they settled in the Madrid antipodes and evolved to what they are today: a MotionGraphics, design and creative production studio formed by a multipurpose multicultural team: directors, producers, designers, animators, programmers, illustrators, 3D artists and composers. They are specialized in contrasting, experimenting and playing until the desired result is achieved.

10 Powerful MotionGraphics studios in Madrid. Image of binalogue.

@Pleid.st is a design and MotionGraphics studio founded by Juanma Mota. They define themselves as craftsmen of static beauty and faithful believers of the illusion of movement. They have a creative and production team oriented to excellence in each project. In addition, they use design as a powerful communication tool that allows them to create spectacular images with a unique and careful aesthetic.

10 Powerful MotionGraphics studios in Madrid. Image of Pleid

@stracto.tv  is a studio specialized in 3D and animation that defines itself as Visual Art and Motion Studio. For the people of Stracto Studio imagination is the perfect engine to tell stories through image and movement. And they have already done so for brands like Samsung, Ikea or La Pedrera. Because imagination matters.

10 Powerful MotionGraphics studios in Madrid. Image of Stracto.

@hidestudio is a multidisciplinary studio located in Madrid, specializing in MotionGraphics, audiovisual production, direction, design, animation, illustration and photography that works with different profiles of illustrators, directors and art directors among which Luis Levrato, Peter Cobo or Jesus Plaza. They define themselves as HIDE The visual studio and their work ranges from 2D and 3D animation to pure filming pieces.

Image of Hide. 10 Powerful MotionGraphics studios in Madrid.

@exit_spain was born, according to its own definition, from the need to apply new working methods in audiovisual production processes. They have a team with multidisciplinary profiles, composed of digital artists specialized in 3D and 2D, graphic designers and filmmakers who offer global and creative solutions to the communication needs of their clients Exit specializes in post-production and MotionGraphics, is located in the center of Madrid and has its own rooms.

10 Powerful MotionGraphics studios in Madrid. Image of Exit.

@serena_postproduction is a studio in Madrid focused on MotionGraphics, visual effects, animation, sound design, color correction and audiovisual production. It offers a full range of audiovisual production services with an experienced internal and external team.They have been in the post-production industry for many years with a remarkable quality in their productions.


The Frank Barton Company is an animation studio founded in 2008 in the heart of Malasaña in the capital of Madrid. Their ability to interpret projects and ideas and their experience in the 3d animation industry has given them the opportunity to develop unique universes for their animated characters.


10 Powerful MotionGraphics studios in Madrid. Image of The Frank Barton Studio.

Kutuko Estudio de Motion Graphics in Madrid

At Kutuko, we pride ourselves on being a visual boutique that integrates a variety of creative disciplines to create truly unique and innovative work. Our mantra, #VisualisWonderful, inspires everything we do, and our obsession with creative work and production of the highest quality is at the heart of our philosophy.

Unlike some other studios, we don’t believe in doing “low-cost” productions. Instead, we bring a solid creative direction and an excellent working methodology to every project we undertake, ensuring that we pursue visual excellence without losing sight of the role our work plays in the brand and business strategies of our clients.

One of the key concepts we believe in is the “Golden Circle,” which is all about creating a virtuous circle of quality. Every project that leaves Kutuko is of the highest quality and has a significant impact on the brand perception of our clients. We believe that this philosophy is critical to our success and helps us stand out in the industry.

At the end of the day, our goal is to make the visual something wonderful that connects our clients’ brands and projects with their customers. We want to get the world to see the best version of our clients, showcasing not just what they do, but who they are.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about us and our philosophy. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on our work and your recommendations for other cool Motion Graphics studios in Madrid in the comments!

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