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3D modelling from scratch

At Kutuko, we are not only experts in creating 3D product videos, we have also developed a great professional trajectory working in character creation. Character design is another of our greatest skills.

3D art projects

Our goal is to produce attractive and authentic characters from scratch that reflect the essence of your story, brand, and connect perfectly with your audience.

Character Design Kutuko
Character Design Kutuko

Character texturing

We texture each character according to the style we want to give it.

We carry out a meticulous study of how the character should be created, taking into account everything from physical appearance to the background of each one. Our team of professionals will work with you to take your characters to the next level. From conception to final presentation.


Our post-production team perfects each visualisation, adjusting colours, contrasts and other elements to achieve a polished end result that is consistent with your brand’s visual identity.

3D or 2D characters depending on the needs of the project.

Creating a character will allow you to bring your brand project to life and establish a lasting emotional connection with your audience. Whether you’re telling a story or showcasing your product, characters can reflect your brand’s personality and values and be used in different formats, from stills to videos where your characters come to life. Investing in the creation of a character, whether in 3D or even 2D, can help your brand stand out and differentiate itself in the market.

Character Design Kutuko

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