Kutruko 02 – Cloth Dynamics

Hello Kutukers! Today we bring you our latest Kutruko, with our creative director Carlos Cabrera who will tell you the steps to be able to do it in the simplest way.

Kutruko 02 – Cloth Dynamics

In this Kutruko you will learn to:

  • Use the Dual Graph plugin (You can download it HERE from the ENTAGMA page)
  • Create and use a Vertex Map
  • Create Cloth and wrap one object to another with the Vertex Map
  • Tear Cloth
  • Configure the Cloth parameters to work correctly

Download the C4D file

If you want to download the Cinema4D file that we have made, in case you still have any questions or want to touch it a bit, you can do it HERE. You just have to leave us a couple of data for our Newsletter, we promise not to be officious with the emails, and you can always unsubscribe when you want.Thank you very much!

Creativity to the fullest!

With this tutorial we want to show you the technique, but now it is your turn to use it in your projects and show us what you are capable of. If you use it and upload it to Instagram, do not hesitate to tag us @somoskutuko so we can take a look at all your creations.

Visual is wonderful.

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