Do you wonder what a creative professional must have to be a good MotionGraphics Designer? No worries. Here are some of the skills that animation and MotionGraphics studios value most when selecting their candidates.

What 5 things should a good MotionGraphics Designer have?

1. Curiosity in abundance

It’s one of the personality traits that MotionGraphic artists who have better portfolios tend to have. If you are able to spend hours and hours researching the latest in the world of 3D video and participating in MotionGraphics forums or communities, you probably have one of the most valuable things to do in your career in the world of animation.

2. Unshakeable vocation

It’s more important than it seems. Because if you don’t have the motivation to work in a profession that requires many hours of dedication, perhaps there will come a time when some complicated project can be made uphill. A trick? Look for the best MotionGraphers on Instagram, Behance or Vimeo… There are amazing people out there who can inspire a granite rock.

3. Eagerness to share projects

Fortunately, there is a large community around the MotionGrapher universe. Designers, 3d animators and MotionGraphics artists are able to share every little test or animation in their lab phase to get feedback from other colleagues or receive some advice or trick. If anything is important to the creative community, it is being able to share knowledge and experiments in lab mode through social networks and get feedback from other professionals anywhere in the world. Go ahead and share your tricks and projects. I’m sure you’ll contribute a lot.

4. Obsession with animation

That’s what it’s all about. It doesn’t matter if you have clients or if they are personal projects… The best way to show yourself that you are made to be a MotionGraphic Designer like the cracks we have in Kutuko is NOT to stop designing and animating videos in 2D or 3D with the software you prefer: After Effects, Cinema 4D or Blender, relying on the render engines you prefer: Redshift, Octane, Arnold…

5. A devastating reel

If you are currently working in MotionGraphics, or are thinking of training to enter a studio in that position, someone will have already told you to start by creating an animation reel showing what you can do with your bogeyman, your good taste and your favorite motion tools. Take note: Production, visual storytelling, 3D shot composition, typography animation, VFX, editing… In a video clip of about one minute you must be able to show all your aesthetic, narrative and animation talent. A word of advice: if you mount your piece with a dizzying music and an apotheosis ending, the impact of your reel will be even greater.

Motion Graphics Designer
A still from the Bumpers we created in Kutuko for Néboa, the RTVE series.

What are the tasks that a MotionGraphics Designer must perform in a studio?

Are you not clear about the tasks and work of a MotionGraphics Designer or MotionGraphics Artist in a studio or advertising agency? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you about them below, too.

  • Work as a team with art directors, project managers, audiovisual producers and other creative profiles, in order to define the scope and objectives of each project.
  • Participate in the brainstorming of the projects, contributing their vision to the concept of the piece and sharing their ideas and visual proposals.
  • Create storyboards and animations from the aesthetics defined for the project that help to convey the emotions or messages we want with the video or animation.
  • Plan the workflow of the animation from the concept and script of the video, helping to define the design and personality of each of the elements to be animated.
  • Edit the raw materials of a shoot (post-production) adding visual effects and animations that improve the aesthetics and quality of the pieces.
  • Apply at all times the Best Practices for version control of your files, exquisitely complying with the organization of your assets.
  • Follow the Creative Director’s instructions in order to comply with the studio’s quality standards at all times.
Motion Graphics Designer
The mask of Néboa without texture, in pure state.

Well, it would already be 🙂 We hope that, if you are MotionGraphics Designer, or are willing to be, the content of this post has helped you. If you find it interesting, we encourage you (never better) to share it in social networks and leave us your comments. Don’t forget. Visual isWonderful. About Kutuko MotionGraphics Studio We are specialists in creating emotions and audiovisual experiences. We create what does not exist with motiongraphics, visual design, video branding and much more. Photo by KimsonDoan at Unsplash

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