In collaboration with gamers around the world, Bang&Olufsen has launched a spectacular campaign to promote its popular #beoplayportal gaming headset model. Selected streamers will share the production to make it viral by adding to the campaign a competition in which 5 sets of the product itself will be raffled off. In addition, there is an intrinsic competition in the film where there are 23 hidden eastereggs to be discovered.






Fan Content

Creative Development

The creative demands of this piece required a solid and consolidated professional studio with high quality standards, which is why Paco, from Fan Content, trusted us once again to create such a striking and powerful piece on a creative and visual level. Under the claim Sound that shapes your world, we had to create 5 different scenarios that worked well together, alluding to key categories of the video game industry to engage the broad spectrum and target profile. Therefore, not only was there a great visual and sound impact from the start, but the experience was also elevated to gamification and competition for the location of fetish objects hidden in each frame.


“Creativity is probabilistic, we can go in a straight line or make leaps.

That a team has the superpower to abandon one great idea to fall in love with another is a catapult to go further on their creative path and escape from linear processes.”


Carlos Cabrera Olayo – Creative Director


  • Cyber Punk
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Space
  • Magical

Social Media

The campaign in its first two days reached more than 17k views on twitter, 7.5k on youtube and within the competition for the 5 sets draw more than 3k entries.

Final Video

Team Credits

Agency: Fan Content Client: Bang & Olufsen Project Manager: Álvaro Ibáñez
Creatives Directors: Paco Chanivet (Fan Content), Carlos Cabrera (Kutuko)
Lead 3D Artist: Maite Martínez, Ibón Vergara, Luís Marín, Carlos Cabrera
3D Artist: Andrea Marshall, Daniel Pomares
2D Artist: Victor Angulo SFX & Marvelous Designer: Rodrigo Marchán 3D Modeling: Daniel Jiménez Groom design: Michael Birefo