TENDAM, one of the main European companies in the fashion sector, contacted us for the creation of 6 creative loops to incorporate in the website of their new sportswear line: Dash and stars. The objective was clear, to capture in an original way each of the technologies used in the garments.


TENDAM – Dash and stars



Creative Development

We wanted to find the most inspirational essence of each of the six Dash and Stars textile technologies. To do this, we studied the brief in detail in order to conceptually extract the key precepts of the brand: innovation and technology that guarantee textiles perfectly adapted to the physiognomy of women and their movements when doing high and low impact sports.

The creative team focused on searching from the beginning for the characteristics that most represent and differentiate each of the different fabrics, placing them at the service of the comfort and safety that women need. That is why they worked on abstract concepts, movements and interactions between elements that visually evoke the functions of each of the different technologies: fabrics that caress, protect, accommodate, etc. and adapt to the female body to help you practice any sport in the best possible way.

Maite Martínez – Creative Director of the Project

Kutuko’s LAB

To reach the final colour range desired by the client, we went through different colours that gave shape to the project until the final result was obtained.

Animation tests

The animation of each loop was a key point in the project. The movement of each of the technologies had to convey a characteristic of the technology.

During the whole creation process, different tests were made until the final animations for each loop were reached.

Sphere options

For one of the sports technologies, Collagen Feel, different dial options were considered until the final one was found.


Some stills extracted from each loop.

Final Loops

To show the final loops we have prepared a montage that brings together each of them with their corresponding technology.