On October 28, 2021, Paco, Creative Director of Fan Content, a creative agency specialized in branding and fan engagement, contacted us with the request to jointly create the entire Branding Pack, main IDENT and visual communication supports for the Esland Awards created by the content creator, TheGregf.

Our answer was clear, count on Kutuko. From that moment on, hand in hand with Fan Content, and in response to the client’s very tight deadlines, we developed the entire graphic line of the event, in addition to participating in the creative and decision-making sessions in each of the production phases. Kutuko as a creative studio specialized in motion graphics and 3D video perfectly combined with Paco and his team developed a global project, with a powerful, creative and technological staging, culminating with an event on Twitch broadcast live with a great impact.


Fan Content



*TheGrefg; one million viewers with the ESLAND Awards, the third most watched personal stream on Twitch.


Under the claim “Land of Creators” and the premise of creating “the artifact” that represents an object of unknown origin that lands on our planet and gives those who touch it tools and skills for creation, a metaphor for the emancipation of talent through technology and the emergence of content creators in the world of entertainment, we produced the main IDENT of the event from which all the other elements of communication were born.

  • Intro teaser creation as the main IDENT of the event.
  • Video clips and images production to dress up the corporate landing page.
  • Branding Pack creation for the event

IDENT principal


The landing page was the first element in the communication of the whole event. With the impact of the IDENT publication, fans were encouraged to enter the landing page and learn about the claim and message of the campaign as well as being able to vote in all categories of the awards ceremony. The event, having Spain, Latin America and Andorra as key geolocations, had a very high participation that later materialized in a great event at the Palau de la música in Barcelona. At the same time, all the action was communicated on social networks.


Here is a small sample of some of the assets that were created for the event and here you have the YT broadcast in case you want to watch it 😉 again