Worlds within worlds. Dualities that collide with force in an isolated place, where appearances always hide secrets, as it happens with Carnival masks. Suspense and mystery come together to compose the plot of Néboa.

For the launch of the Néboa series, RTVE has trusted Kutuko for the conceptualization and production of 3 self-promotion bumpers created in 3D motion. The impact of the three pieces is based on the iconic environments of the series in a 2D aesthetic, enclosed in the mask of the Urco, created in hyper-realistic 3D.









Néboa is a series full of dicotomies and dualities:

  • Rural versus urban.
  • The real versus the mystical.
  • Legend versus crime.

That dichotomy and duality in each plane of history shows us the 2 sides of the mask; the front and back of the same reality that allows us to tell a complex story through a powerful thread.


We want to bring this dichotomy to the main message of the campaign by playing with the individual (the mask that only one person can wear) and the possibility of a single object covering hundreds of people (fits a village).

Regardless of whether the crime is committed by a single person or by a mythological creature (The Urco), the plot takes us to the complicity and silence of an entire community.

In this case the people have a lot to hide. In reality we all hide something in our daily lives: we are accomplices of hypocrisy, pride, selfishness. Would you be able to look at yourself in the mirror and take off your own mask?

Starting from the mask as a symbol of the occult and of the Entroido, we will build 3 pieces that integrate each one of the 3 main stages of the series: the streets, the forest and the hotel – lighthouse, in an eternal return in which one always returns to the same element from which one departs. This resource is closely linked to the plot of the series, by the repetition of ritual murders, in the same way, on the same dates, cyclically.


The creative proposal revolves around 3 formal elements:



The symbol of the Urco and the power of anonymity to let our inner animal run once a year, with the impunity that comes from not being recognized. The masks will be revealed by the leaves, the rocks and the confetti, corresponding to each environment, affecting the eternal return.



He’s just another character in the series. Behind the mask and passing through it, we will reveal what is hidden in the forest, the streets and the lighthouse. As part of the environment, and of deep significance in the series, one element to highlight is the fog (Néboa means fog) that so often accompanies the landscape of the island and that is fundamental in the ritualistic of crimes.

In each piece, although one environment is the protagonist, we will always see the other two in the background, as a link between pieces and to reinforce the vital environments in the series.



The rural and the urban. The real and the mystical. Legend and crime. The professional investigation and the contact of the person who best knows the town. That dichotomy and duality in each plane of history shows us the two sides of the mask. The front and the back will allow us to unravel all the nooks and crannies of the plot.