ZEE.DOG has entrusted Kutuko to carry out the production of a teaser and an impressive 3D Video Product of its new Airleash: its resistant and elastic dog leashes with shock absorbing technology that can with any pull.

At Kutuko, our passion is to create impressive videos that exceed all expectations, whether with 3D or filming in our studio, we seek a spectacular result in each project we face, taking quality to the limit.







For this project, we produced a teaser with some of the most impressive shots ahead of the product launch.

With this small teaser we wanted to create a great expectation, not only for the product itself, but for the complete video that we would release a few weeks later.


We put the resistance and elasticity of Airleash straps to the test with these spectacular machines.

From a small fiber to the final product we leave nothing to visualize in an impressive way.

We show all the materials that make up the product, layer by layer.